Corporate Responsibility

at our core

We understand the impact of business decisions on the local community and environment. That’s why we not only invest in the latest technologies to minimise carbon footprint, we also actively encourage our people to support local businesses and charitable organisations.


We’re proud to serve our communities. That’s why, as well as caring for our people, we give back to our clients and local marketplaces whilst always seeking to minimise our environmental impact.

Blending our wealth of experience with a modern business ethos, we never forget that our advice impacts on a variety of stakeholders.

So, whatever the sector and size of client, we listen to their needs before evolving designs which best serve them whilst improving any social and environmental impact.

We’re acutely aware of our responsibilities towards our people, our clients and the community.

That’s why we select charities for our fundraising activities each year – always endeavouring to include at least one local charity which helps organisations within the local community.

Environment &

As building services design consultants, we believe it’s essential to promote the use of sustainable products and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of the built environment.

We explore the use of sustainable materials and ensure that our designs are low energy solutions. This, coupled with excellent building design and construction standards, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet and regularly surpass energy and emission targets.

This is why we consider the building in its complete form – and wherever possible investigate passive solutions such as thermal storage, natural ventilation, night time cooling, heat recovery systems and grey water recycling.

We also look at alternative and renewable energy sources such as Photo Voltaics, wind energy, solar thermals, geothermal, biomass and combined heat and power systems and promote wherever appropriate.